Jazz Competition “Your Music Your Legacy”


Jazz Competition “Your Music Your Legacy”
Tanggal :
24 April 2016
Tempat : Spazio, Surabaya
Waktu : 15.00 – selesai

Syarat & Ketentuan (English Version) :

  1. Registration start from March 16th 2016 – April 15th 2016 (FREE REGISTRATION)
  2. Participants who register must contact the contact person to get information about Jazz Heritage Rules.
  3. Participants must read and agree with the participant competition agreement letter which exists in Jazz Heritage’s website: www.jazzheritage.net.
  4. Agreement Letter and Registration Form must be sent to Jazz Heritage’s email: ymyl@jazzheritage.net to be changed with participant number.
  5. Participants will through 2 steps of competition there are Online Competition and Live Competition.
  6. Video that sent is a free video (SUDIO RECORDING OR VIDEO CLIP) with combination of popular songs and music instrument ethnic strains or Indonesia with Jazz genre.
  7. Maximum of duration is 7 minutes.
  8. Video must be sent to ymyl@jazzheritage.net
  9. Participants must contact the contact person if the video sent already.
  10. Participants will get confirmation if the video uploaded to Jazz Heritage Youtube Account.
  11. Participants who pass online competition will be announce on April 17th 2016 and must join live competition on April 24th 2016.
  12. Winner will perform on upcoming Jazz Heritage Event.

Hadiah :

  • Juara 1 : YMYL Cup, 1st Winner Trophy, Recording Music, perform on Jazz Heritage , Certificate and Cash
  • Juara 2 : 2nd Winner Trophy, Certificate and Cash
  • Juara 3 : 3rd Winner Trophy, Certificate and Cash

Pendaftaran :

  • Tanggal Pendaftaran : s/d 15 Apri l2016
  • Biaya Pendaftaran : Gratis

More Information :

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