LSCamp 2018: Optimizing Supply Chains with Big Data Analytics


LSCamp 2018: Optimizing Supply Chains with Big Data Analytics
Tanggal :
17 – 18 Februari 2018
Tempat : Auditorium Sinar Mas, Dept. Of Industrial Engineering, ITS, Surabaya

Deskripsi Event :
LSCamp is a structured learning camp in contemporary topics in the fields of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM). The topics are presented and discussed from various perspectives in a casual and fun way.

The first day of LSCamp 2018 will be a seminar and a networking dinner, and the second day will be focused on the Big Data workshop.

LSCamp 2018 is open for academics, governments, industries, business, students and public.

This event will be held in Auditorium Sinar Mas, Dept of IE-ITS, on Saturday and Sunday – 17th and 18th February 2018.

Keynote Speaker :

  • Ahmad Rusiansyah, CSCP, CLT (Head of LSCM Laboratory – IE ITS)
    • Tema : Supply Chain Optimization : tilizing the Hidden Value of Data
  • Soerjo Winarto, CSCP (SCM Practioner and Supply Chain Director of MNC)
    • Tema : Big Data as a Global Trend in Supply Chains
  • Heri Kuswanto (DatalytiX – Data Management Consultant, Research Partner for Symantec Japan and Security and Investment Protection Fun (SIPF) Indonesia)
    • Tema : Big Data : Concepts and Appication s
  • Trio Adiono (PAU Mikroelektornika ITB, CTO of Xirka Company)
    • Tema : Internet of Things for Capturing Big Data
  • Italo Gani (CEO of, An Adveritsing Technology Company)
    • Tema : Big Data in E-Commerce and Advertising : Implementation
  • Nur Aini Rakhmawati (Former Researcher on two notable EU Big Data Projects)
    • Tema : Big Data Techniques : from Data Acquisition to Information Dissemination
  • Dr. Budi Santosa (Author of Books of Data Mining and Metaheuristics, QMIPA Lab – Dept. of IE ITS)
    • Tema : Methods for Big Data Analytics
  • Niniet Indah Arvitrida (Researcher on Agent Based Modelling in SC, Dept. of IE ITS)
    • Tema : Big Data Analytics : Tutorials and Case Study Tutor
  • Irmasari Hafidz, M.Sc (Former Participant of Data Science Summer School 2017 – The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy and JuliaCon 2017 – Unviersity of Berkeley, Dept of Information Systems, ITS)
    • Tema : Big Data Analytics : Tutorial and Case Study Tutor

Pendaftaran :

  • Biaya Pendaftaran :
    • Public : Rp 1.250.000,-
    • ITS Academics, Member of Partner Organizations, and Doctoral Degree Students ; Rp 1.000.000
    • Undergraduate or Master Degree Students : Rp 600.000
  • Link Pendaftaran :
  • Bring your T-shirts and Laptop to join LSCamp 2018!

More Information :

  • Vania : 081289541801
  • Umdah : 081330141542
  • Instagram : lscamp2018
  • Facebook : lscmlaboratory



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