Action Fest #2, Petra Acitya Competition and Festival


Action Fest #2, Petra Acitya Competition and Festival

Hi PetraNizen

Ready to showcase your talents and shine like a star?

Join us at Action Fest #2 (onsite) – the way to unlock your full potential! Register yourself now and get ready to scan the barcode or click this link  for an experience that’s sure to light up your world

Go… Go… ACTION! Let’s shine together! +

Konten Event :

  • Open House
  • Live Performances
  • Bazaar

More Information :

  • Math – Science Rally Competition (Setyo – 0812 3213 4231)
  • English Speech Competition (Yeski – 0821 4348 9356)
  • K-pop Dance Cover Competition (Yemima – 0857 0651 9291)

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